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Identity and Data Security for Web Development
Jonathan LeBlanc, Tim Messerschmidt

Books I've read and recommend

Sergey Zhuk
PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms
Mizanur Rahman
PHP Microservices
Carlos Perez Sanchez, Pablo Solar Vilariño
Functional PHP
Gilles Crettenand
php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development
Ivo Jansch
Domain-Driven Design in PHP
Carlos Buenosvinos, Christian Soronellas, and Keyvan Akbary
Deploying PHP Applications
Niklas Modess
Modern Application Development with PHP
Tom Oram
Typed PHP
Pitt Christopher
Elephant sized PHP
Andy Beak
Building Secure PHP Apps
Ben Edmunds
Build APIs You Won't Hate
Phil Sturgeon
PHP Web Services
Lorna Jane Mitchell
NGINX High Performance
Rahul Sharma
Getting Started with Web Performance: Optimizing the User Experience
Daniel Austin
Scaling PHP Applications
Steve Corona
The Clean Architecture in PHP
Kristopher Wilson